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Roofing Port St Lucie? Are you looking for roofing services in Port St Lucie? Is your current roofing outdated or damaged, making you feel extremely anxious about potential leaks or collapse?
Getting worried and feeling uncomfortable in your own home because of roofing issues isn’t fair at all. We’re always here to help you through this issue and anxiety!

Having hands-on experience of over 30 years, our team specialize in all the procedures involved in inspection, removal, and installation of different roofing materials. Every single day, we efficiently undertake several roofing projects with high expertise and robust precision.

You’ve got a huge plethora of materials to explore when you’re planning to replace your roofing. We’re offering customization options but efficiently tailoring roofs using materials based on your preferences. The process has several intricate steps including removal of the old roofing and installation of the new one. After this, quality is ensured by proper inspection. 

It’s highly recommended by us to get a new roof installed. This helps you enjoy all the peace of mind. Since there is no potential risk of leaks and malfunctions, everything seems figured out. 

Getting everything fixed promptly and taking action is quite important while dealing with old roofing since it ultimately prevents all kinds of further damage. In case you’re not taking a proactive approach, it may lead to cracks, chips, and subsequent water damage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Get your appointment with Roofing Port St Lucie today at (786) 981-1926 to ensure the durability and safety of your home.

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Roofing in Port St Lucie

Are you anxious about your present roofing? Remember that if your roofs are outdated or damaged, they can be prone to several issues like leakage. Therefore, it’s always a great option for you to get the replacement done as soon as possible.
Dealing with all these roofing problems can be quite discomforting and frustrating. Especially if these issues are impacting your home’s safety and comfort. We’re always here to help you cope with all these issues. 

Since we have a decades-long experience, Roofing Port St Lucie has a high skill set of installing various types of roofing. Each day, we undertake numerous roofing projects across Port St Lucie and the nearby neighborhoods.

As soon as you decide to get a roofing replacement, we take our time to properly assess and analyze your current roofing to come up with a tailored plan. The process involves several steps including the removal of your old roofing, installation of the new one, and conducting a proper inspection.

Investing and replacing the old roof to make a new one can be an ideally wise choice, making you mentally peaceful and reducing all the anxiety about leaks or other issues. Readily getting professional help as soon as you come across an outdated or damaged roofing is important to avoid future issues.

Are you ready to enjoy a hassle-free experience of living at home? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a roofing appointment in Port St Lucie. You can reach us at (786) 981-1926.

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Types of roofing

Different types of roofing

Different types of roofing are available. The types of roofing can be distinguished as flat roofing and pitched roofing.
If you’re considering a flat roof, you can pick a roof made of modified bitumen, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing and PVC roofing.

If you’re considering a pitched roof, there are several types available. For a pitched roof you can pick the choice of metal roofing, roofing slates, tile roofing, bitumen roofing or asphalt shingles.

Are you looking forward to getting your roofing replaced by a professional Roofing company in your area? Roofing Port St Lucie will be happy to help you! Contact us quickly on (786) 981-1926.

Flat roof

Types of roofing flat roof

Are you picking the right options while getting roofing on a flat roof? There are four options available for a flat roof; a roof made of modified bitumen roofing, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing or PVC roofing.
Remember that if you’re picking a flat roof, consider the effects of the changing weather conditions on your roof. In general, pitched roofs aren’t as affected by weather conditions as flat ones. 

The reason behind this is the residual water and precipitation trickles down from a pitched roof. On a flat roof, water is retained on the surface and it dries out on its own as the time passes. 

Is your roof in need of new roofing? It’s finally time for you to contact our roofing company quickly on (786) 981-1926. The experts at Roofing company Port St Lucie are all set to help you keep your roof in good condition!

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Modified bitumen roof

Modified bitumen roofing

If you’re wondering what’s the most popular roofing material used for building flat roofs, it is modified bitumen. Bitumen is formed as a by-product during the manufacture of crude oil. It’s an ideally water-resistant and plastic material.
Your roofs can be built in several ways using Bitumen. Bitumen is typically used in roofing processes by simply applying heat to it. As soon as  the underlayment cools down, the bitumen sticks to the roof seamlessly. You can even consider gluing down a generous layer of bitumen, and ensuring proper installation.   

Interestingly, if the bitumen roof is modified, it’s relatively easier and simpler to install. Loser strips are laid down and there are several layers. Because of this, damage to a bitumen roof is also fairly easy to repair

Modified bitumen features greater tensile strength and offers an incredible waterproofing protection. Moreover, the material is safe against UV resistance, making it more energy efficient.

The lifespan of a bitumen roof is about 20 to 30 years. As soon as this period passes, your roof may crack or leak. After this, it’s in the best interest to get the renewal. 

Are you seeking a roofing company in Port St Lucie that can cover your roof with modified bitumen? Make a quick appointment with Roofer Port St Lucie on (786) 981-1926.

EPDM roof

EPDM roofing

Along with the modified bitumen, EPDM is another common roofing material for flat roofs. EPDM stands for Ethylene, Propylene and diene terpolymer. Synthetic rubbers are used to make it
EPDM features great strength, flexibility, and versatility. This material is resilient enough to withstand different types of weather conditions. So, if you’re looking for a different material to incorporate in your flat roofs, it’s pretty suitable.

One more impressive perk of having EPDM is that it’s quite efficiently UV resistant. Moreover, this material is pretty simple to maintain. In fact EPDM is quite resilient and crack-free. In case you see any signs of damage, you can easily get it repaired with a new layer of EPDM.

EPDM is also resistant to roots and roots cannot develop in it. So in case you dream of having a green roof, it’s the ideal roofing material for you. 

All these benefits make this massively demanded so a flat roof covered with EPDM is a bit more expensive than the other options available on the market. The best part is that it lasts longer since it features a longer lifespan. On average, an EPDM roof lasts about 25 to 30 years.

Are you looking forward to getting your roof covered with EPDM? If so, it’s finally time to get an appointment real quick by dialing (786) 981-1926. The roofers of Roofing Port St Lucie are happy to visit you and draw up a plan with you!

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TPO roof

TPO roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing more commonly termed as TPO roofing, is a kind of single-ply roofing membrane which finds massive applications in the arena of commercial roofing and industrial construction.

TPO roofing basically consists of a blend of rubber, ethylene-propylene, and other fillers and reinforcing agents, which combine together, forming a durable and flexible membrane.

TPO roofing membranes are quite massively popular due to their impressive qualities like resilience and durability, especially against all kinds of UV rays, chemicals, punctures, and tears. No matter what the climatic conditions are, this type of roofing material ideally withstands all the environmental factors. 

With higher flexibility, TPO roofing membranes can easily withstand in case the building undergoes some building movement. It settles down without any signs of damage like cracks. Therefore, your experience is hassle-free and the lifespan is a lot longer than you expect.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a roofing material for commercial and industrial applications, TPO is ideal. This is because it’s durable, energy efficient, and easy to install. It offers a budget-friendly option and eco-friendly solution to have sustainability.

PVC roof

PVC roofing

PVC roofs can be used to cover the roofs. PVC refers to Poly Vinyl Chloride. PVC can be employed in making flooring, doors, sewers, toys and a lot more.
The material is pretty flexible and there’s a lot of elasticity, this helps with expansion and contraction. Therefore, the potential risks of cracking are pretty negligible. Even if the weather keeps on fluctuating, it can withstand everything.

A PVC roof is an eco-friendly option and offers an environmentally friendly solution. Since this material can be easily recycled, it’s a sustainable solution. In addition, the material is very thin and light. The roof structure doesn’t get weighed down because of the PVC roof since it is pretty weightless. 

In comparison to the other materials, a roof made of PVC is easily installable and hassle-free. This does make installing a PVC roof labor intensive. Typically, a PVC roof lasts about 25 years.

Does your PVC roof need to be replaced? Then make a quick appointment with Roofing Company Port St Lucie.

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Pitched roof

Types of roofing pitched roof

Since pitched roofs can easily drain water, it is quite feasible for homeowners. It’s like a slope that drains down the water without damaging the surface. The water drains itself all the way down and thus, it’s an efficient way to retain roofs.

Also important is that in many cases a pitched roof is visible from the outside. With a flat roof, this is almost never the case. Whereas a flat roof is mainly about practicality, a pitched roof is also about aesthetics.

Are you seeking to get your pitched roof renovated? Then do not hesitate and contact our professional roofing company in Port St Lucie.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles (composition shingles) are widely used as roofing materials, especially when it comes to residential construction. Asphalt shingles provide you with a budget-friendly, durable, and versatile roofing material that can be used in residential properties, which makes them a suitable choice in case you’re a homeowner.
These are the two kinds of asphalt shingles: fiberglass and organic. Fiberglass shingles feature a lighter,  fire-resistant, and the best part is that it is resistant towards all kinds of moisture. Organic shingles are made by using some recycled paper that gets saturated in asphalt. They aren’t that environmentally friendly and are comparatively much heavier. 

You can pick from various styles including three-tab, architectural and luxury. Three-tab shingles offer a conventional flat appearance along with three tabs. However, that’s not the case with shingles since they feature a layered look creating several dimensions, mimicking the look of wood or slate. 

Asphalt shingles feature greater durability and resistance towards harsh weather conditions in the environment. Withstanding all kinds of weather conditions, including harsh blowy winds, rain, hail, and exposure to the sun’s harsh rays, they make a suitable fit for you. The lifespan on the other hand can only be judged considering the factors like quality, installation and climate.

Asphalt shingles need little to no maintenance at all which means the process is pretty hassle-free. However, if you get it periodically inspected by a professional, it can ensure their longevity. Common maintenance requirements are generally related to cleaning, replacing damaged shingles, and ensuring there are no signs of damage.

Are you seeking a roofer in Port St Lucie available to efficiently install asphalt shingles on your roof? Hit us via (786) 981-1926.

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Metal roofing

Metal roofing is another common practice being used by many people these days. The main motivation behind picking this one is the cost-effectiveness and low price. Many people pick it as the cheap option to go for.
There are also several options within roofing sheets. These roof sheets provide you with a quite neat and seamlessly sleek look. They can be installed quite easily and the process is quite hassle-free. The material is effectively pliable.

In addition, this material is maintenance-free and lasts a relatively long time. The average lifespan of these roofs is 20 to 50 years, however, it may vary depending on the material. 

In case you’re seeking a roofing company in Port St Lucie that can install roofing sheets on your roof? We can assist you with that! Make an appointment with Roofer Port St Lucie as soon as possible on (786) 981-1926.

Roofing slates

Roofing slates

Would you like your pitched roods to offer an exclusively impressive look? In that case, a slate roof is ideally suggested for you to consider! A slate roof offers a sleeker appearance to your roof. Also, a slate roof features high storm resistance, Durability, and easy maintenance routine.
The installation process is quite easy. The installation process for a slate roof can be a bit time consuming. The slates are sometimes arranged in a way that they excessively overlap each other during the installation process. 

Although the installation process of these slate roofs can be a bit expensive, it does last a long time. On average, the lifespan ranges from about 30 to 100 years.

Your wait comes to an end, contact us today and fix your appointment for a no-obligation quote. Roofing Port St Lucie is glad to assist you through the installation process of your slate roof. Call us at (786) 981-1926.

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Tile roof

Tile roofing

Most of the pitched roofs are all covered with tiles. When considering the financial aspect, tiles offer a much cheaper and cost-effective option. In addition, roof tiles can be laid conveniently.
While picking roof tiles there are two main options two pick from, concrete roof tiles and ceramic roof tiles. Concrete roof tiles offer a more budget friendly and convenient option. 

Moreover, the other option is ceramic roof tiles. At a higher temperature, clay is fired to put together ceramic tiles. Ceramic roof tiles are a bit pricier than the concrete ones, and the appearance is more luxurious too. 

They justify the price point and make it long-lasting for you. If evaluated at an average, the lifespan of roof tiles is about 30 to 50 years.

Are you seeking to have your roof covered with roof tiles? Or are your current roof tiles damaged? Then contact us quickly on (786) 981-1926. Roofer Port St Lucie is happy to help you!

Bitumen roofing tiles

Bitumen roofing tiles

Bitumen roofing tiles, also referred to as asphalt shingles, can be used in both commercial and residential construction projects for roofing. Bitumen roofing tiles offer an impressive solution that features a higher level of versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. This makes them a popular choice in this regard.
Fiberglass or organic materials are used as a base to craft Bitumen roofing tiles. Then they are coated using a material with asphalt and decorated using incredible ceramic granules. The ceramic granules ideally provide you with some degree of color variation, UV protection, and increased durability to the shingles.

There are various types of Bitumen available, including fiberglass and organic variants. Fiberglass shingles feature a lightweight body and in case you’re looking forward to investing in something more fire-resistant, they’re ideally suggested. On the contrary, organic shingles, that are formed using recycled paper infused with asphalt, offer an eco-friendly solution and are much denser. 

While bitumen roofing tiles require very negligible maintenance, if you’re looking forward to having long-term lifespan, having it periodically inspected really helps. Maintenance requirements may include clearing debris from gutters, replacing damaged tiles, and monitoring damages. 

Would you like to have your roof covered with bitumen roof tiles? Please call us on (786) 981-1926.

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Different options

The price per square meter and the durability of the roofing material massively vary depending on different factors. It’s highly recommended for you to meticulously consider your requirements before choosing one.
Always get some advice from a professional expert roofer and discuss what types of roofing are possible in your case. Probably the materials you dream to have aren’t compatible for you, for example because your roof is not solid enough.

Are you looking for more information about the different types of roofing to use in your own home? Then feel free to contact us on (786) 981-1926. Roofing Port St Lucie is happy to help you!


Costs Roofer Port St Lucie

Every job is different. That is why we look at the costs per job.

Many factors are important in determining the costs. These include the type of work, the material, the size of the roof, the accessibility of the roof, and so on.

After we inspect your roof, you'll receive a free estimate. Do you agree? Then we'll perform the work.

Emergency repairs or small jobs are done right away. For larger jobs, we schedule another appointment.

Would you like a roof inspection? Then contact us quickly at (786) 981-1926.

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Has your roof sustained any damage? It’s possible that there’s a leak in your home and water is flooding in. Roofing Port St Lucie fixes it!

We have been doing roofing work for more than 30 years. Installing various types of roofing on both flat and pitched roofs is our area of expertise. Furthermore, you can get in touch with us to get repairs and leaks fixed.

Have you had leaks or any other issues with your roof? So give Roofing Port St Lucie a call right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of work do you do?
You can get in touch with us for roof renovation and building. In addition, we inspect roofs. We are also capable of repairing your roof if there is damage!
In which region are you active?
We are currently operating in and around Port St Lucie. Do you reside in Port St Lucie and nearby neighborhoods and want to make an appointment? Please contact us at (786) 981-1926.
How do I know what the cost will be?
The task will determine how much roof repair will cost in total. The magnitude of the task affects the cost of roof repair. Smaller works will come with a cheaper price tag than larger jobs.

The amount of time needed to complete the repair is crucial. You should also budget for the cost of the supplies, equipment, and tools that were used.

Make sure that any damage to the roof is fixed as quickly as feasible. The larger the problem gets and the higher the cost of fixing it, the longer you put off fixing it.

We advise you to give us a call if you would like further information. This is possible at (786) 981-1926.

How can I make an appointment?
You can schedule your appointment by filling out this form. A team member from Roofing Port St Lucie is ready to serve you!
What to do when my roof is leaking?
Finding the root of the issue should be your first priority when dealing with a roof leak. Determine the location of the leak by asking yourself, and then look for the source.

Once that’s evident, you can attempt to address the leak. For this, you might wish to use Water stop. One device that can help you temporarily halt a leak is called Water stop. In the event that you are unable to stop the leak, make an effort to gather as much water as you can in a large tarpaulin or bucket.

Then get a licensed roofer to assist you. He will quickly look into the issue while he is there in order to fully resolve it later. In this manner, the leak will be quickly rectified.

Don’t put off hiring a roofer for too long. Extreme damage can quickly be caused by a roof leak, both inside and outside.

Does your roof have any leaks? Then get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can contact us at (786) 981-1926.

When does my roofing need to be renovated?
Roofs, after all, do not last a lifetime. Every type of roofing has a specific life duration. Once this time has passed, the roofing’s quality will rapidly decline and there is a much higher chance of damage and leakage.

It is possible, for instance, for the roofing to dry out. This may result in the roofing developing fractures and cracks. Blisters or air particles could get inside the bitumen substance in the case of a roof.

A lot of individuals quickly add a fresh layer of insulation during roof renovations. Restoring or upgrading the insulation on your roof will reduce the amount of energy you use. Both the environment and your pocketbook will benefit from this.

Are you having issues that keep coming up? Were there any particular repairs that required multiple visits within a brief timeframe? Even so, it would be wise to undertake renovations to solve these issues.

Please call (786) 981-1926 to schedule an appointment.

What should I do if my roof is damaged?
Always get in touch with a licensed roofer right away. Even if your roof has small flaws. In a short amount of time, little cracks and gaps can seriously and permanently harm your home.

As a result, get in touch with a qualified roofer as soon as you can. We can be contacted at (786) 981-1926. Try using repair paste to patch the chinks or cracks yourself in the meantime.

How will you renovate my roof?

Most importantly, each roof is unique. A plan will be created based on your wishes for the new roof and your existing roof. Which roofing material will be chosen, what work will be done, and precisely how it will be done will all be determined by this design.

The old roof needs to be taken off next. The roofing material must first be removed. The old roof structure is then removed, if needed. The roof’s base is the roof structure. This is the arrangement of internal roof beams that gives the entire structure its strength.

The new roof structure is then constructed. Following that, the installation of insulation may start, and the roofing material of your choice will be applied to your roof. Every kind of roofing needs to be installed in a specific method. The method of application is decided by the choice of roofing material.

The roof is essentially completed when the roof covering is put in only after a thorough examination. This entails inspecting the item for finishing flaws, seams, cracks, etc.

Have all the details been completed accurately, and are you entirely satisfied? After we tidy up, you may enjoy your brand-new roof!

What will be examined during a roof inspection?

We evaluate your entire roof when we do a roof inspection. We examine different sections of your roof. We first examine the roofing’s quality. We make sure nothing has been destroyed, that nothing fits together correctly, and that there are no fractures.

We also examine the state of your roof’s underlying framework. The foundation of your roof is the supporting framework. This design guarantees that your roof will be sturdy enough to support it in any weather. Construction issues may increase the risk of a collapse.

We also check your entire roof for drainage quality. For your own roof, proper drainage is essential. Water on your roof does not hurt you if it remains there for a short while. But, if this continues for an extended length of time, issues may arise. There’s a chance your roof leaks.

We also inspect every connection on your roof. Your roof’s joints are susceptible to deterioration or leaks. Having things inspected on a regular basis is a good idea to make sure everything is still securely attached.

Leaks caused by animals and plant growth happen frequently. It’s a good idea to inspect your roof for things like moss, algae, animal nests, and plant growth.


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